Man shot following traffic accident


Man shot in road rage attack

A young man has been left critically injured after being shot following a traffic collision in Luton.

27-year-old Atif Ali got out of his Audi A3 when it was rear-ended by a Ford Mondeo in May this year.

After approaching the driver's side of the Mondeo in an attempt to exchange insurance details, he was shot in the leg without warning before the car sped off.

Mr Ali, a trainee accountant and respected member of his community, endured extensive surgery to save his leg from amputation.

However, doctors are still uncertain as to whether he will make a full recovery.

Police are still hunting the occupants of the Ford Mondeo, registration number YM02 XYJ, and are struggling to find a motive for shooting Mr Ali, who was not known to the police, nor affiliated to any of the gangs which have been responsible for the 11 shootings Luton has seen this year.

Speaking after offering a £15,000 reward to anyone who offered information leading to the capture of the gunmen, Atif's brother Amjid said: "I am here today, on behalf of my family, to make a direct appeal to urge those people who may have information relating to why Atif was shot, and also to those people who know who is responsible, to come forward and tell the police what they know.

"Since this happened all our family and friends have been shocked and devastated. Atif and my family are indebted to those people who stopped to help Atif at the scene and they have our sincere thanks.

"Atif remains in hospital where he has undergone extensive surgery to save his leg, but we cannot forget that he could have lost his life."

One man has been arrested and bailed in the course of the investigation and police still trying to locate the driver of the Mondeo and another man, described as being 6ft tall with a tanned complexion, who was seen leaving the scene of the shooting.