Cheating motorist busted in traffic stop


Cheating motorist busted in traffic stop

If you're going to play away from home, you've got to be careful. Even novice philanderers will warn against the schoolboy errors of taking different girls to the same bars and restaurants, as well as forgetting to erase your phone's call history.

And now, thanks to this hapless Chinese player, those looking to do the dirty on their wives will add remembering to buckle up behind the wheel to that list.

Pulled over with a female passenger for not wearing his seatbelt in a routine stop, this motorist is more than slightly perturbed by the presence of a camera crew along with the pious traffic cop.

Despite initially trying to blag that he'd merely forgotten to belt up, his ploy doesn't work, after the policeman notices he was infact sitting on the belt, which had been buckled to stop the constant and irritating bonging that would otherwise be emanating from his safety-first Volvo.

Things get worse when the driver finds he has left his driver's licence at home, and rings his wife to drop it at the scene, before quickly ushering his mystery passenger away, promising to ring her later.

When the driver's better half arrives, she is immediately suspicious of his early return from a 'business trip'. Things get even more awkward when the cop lets slip there was a passenger in the car, after which the driver immediately lies to his wife, telling her it was a male coworker, before pleading with the policeman not to air the footage when his Mrs is out of earshot.

Whether he got away with it is not known, but given that the clip below has already become an Internet sensation, the odds aren't looking good.