Boa Constrictor rescued from MINI hatchback


Boa Constrictor rescued from MINI hatchback

Given the widely different ways in which people use their cars, dealership service departments are likely the hardest people to shock when it comes to missing items being extracted from the darkest recesses of a car's bodywork.

However, few mechanics would have been prepared to find a seven-foot Boa Constrictor, as happened to staff at a Florida BMW dealership.

Having slung the huge reptile into the boot of her MINI without its carrier, the owner was horrified to find the wiley snake had managed to dislodge a plastic panel and slide itself into a cavity in the bodywork.

Panicked, she rang her local BMW dealership for help. Thankfully, the service manager was also a snake owner and was sympathetic to her plight. The unlucky mechanic chosen for the job wasn't so keen, but was also eager to help, being a pet owner himself.

The animal's extraction, which was captured on a mobile phone video involved simply removing a rear light cluster and pulling the Boa out head first. It was reunited with its owner unharmed.

Understandably embarrassed, the snake's keeper did not want to be interviewed.

Click play below to watch a US TV news report on the rescue.