Family narrowly escapes death after car totals house


Family narrowly escapes death after car totals house

A family of four has narrowly escaped serious injury after a car crashed into their living room.

The Harries, from Penarth Marina, would normally have been gathered around the television directly in the path of the car, but fortunately the father and two children had been upstairs decorating a bedroom at the time of the accident.

Sam Harries, 19, told Wales Online: "It sounded like a bomb, like an explosion, the engine was still revving."

His mum Jodie also narrowly avoided being hurt, having passed through the hallway just seconds before it was destroyed by the runaway car.

"Me, my sister, and my stepdad Dylan were upstairs when it happened, but my mum was in the kitchen," explained Sam.

"She'd passed through the hallway literally seconds before it happened to go and get something from the kitchen.

"If she'd come by 10 seconds earlier she would have been caught up in the wreckage and could have died.

The family rushed to the scene of the accident to find the driver attempting to reverse out of the house, before collapsing as he got out.

The house has been left in danger of collapse after the car, a Citroen C4, snapped a structural support beam.

"We've all been told we're not allowed in the building and police tape and boarding has been put around the area as it's not safe.

"The whole family is really shaken up. Family ornaments and photos and front room windows were all at that front part of the living room where the car went through and were completely destroyed in the crash. Glass was thrown across the front room and ruined the entire room. It's scary."

A 30-year-old man from the Llandough area has been charged with dangerous driving and failing to provide a specimen of breath.