Death-defying youth 'bus surfers' caught on camera


Teenage 'bus surfers' caught on camera

A group of children, aged between 12 and 15-years-old and all wearing roller-skates, were caught on camera hitching a free ride by clinging on to the back of a bus it has emerged.

The five youngsters were eventually caught by police officers after a shocked bystander took a picture of them hanging on to the back of the bus as it drove up a hill in Dudley, West Midlands.

The roller-skating youths – some wearing hoods to cover up their faces – could be seen hanging on to the rear of the bus as it went about its usual route until officers finally caught up with them and put an end to their free ride.

But instead of charging them after they admitted being carried or towed by a motor vehicle, officers thought of a more productive punishment - they made them clean up the local bus depot.

PC Reg Steele, from West Midlands Police, told the Daily Mail: "As this was a minor traffic offence it could have been dealt with in two ways, either through the courts where a fine could have been processed or a community resolution.

"We agreed with National Express West Midlands that a community resolution would be the best solution and would give the youngsters time to think about their reckless actions."

The roller-skating crew will not only clean up the depot, they will also have to wash and scrub the fleet of National Express West Midlands buses.

Raj Mishra, National Express West Midlands Operations Manager said: "We hope that by the youngsters working with us to clean our vehicles and spending time on site with us, it will help them understand the dangers of using vehicles to tow them along."