Man gets trapped under traffic marker


Man gets trapped under traffic marker

Ever heard of a walking, talking traffic cone? Well, shoppers in Hemel Hempstead have, after a man managed to get himself wedged inside a bollard this weekend.

The man apparently placed the bollard on his head as a prank while out with some friends, but it soon slipped down to his waist, pinning his arms and hands to his sides, meaning he was unable to extricate himself.

The would-be joker then spent around two hours wandering one of Hemel Hempstead's main shopping streets.

Bystanders – both confused and, understandably, amused – apparently didn't offer much help, assuming the prank was intentional.

Eventually, though, local police arrived on the scene, in what must have been one of their more surreal jobs of the day, and proceeded to assist in freeing the man.

And as video taken at the scene shows, after attempts to pull the bollard off his head vertically failed, they eventually laid him down flat on his back and succeeded in pulling him out of the bollard by the ankles.

John Waterman captured proceedings on his mobile phone, and said that the police officer concerned found the whole thing rather entertaining.

It seems that no charges will be brought.

Take a look at the video below