Video: Saudi drifter takes out lamppost


Video: Saudi drifter takes out lamppost

Anyone who has spent any time surfing videos on YouTube can't have helped but notice that the Saudis love messing about in cars. In fact, the only thing they seemingly love more is videotaping their antics and posting them online for posterity.

It's not surprising really. In contrast to our choked roads, motorists in the Middle East have the room to get their cars sideways (mostly) without fear of hitting anything – the desert surroundings providing the ideal run-off area for those who have got it a touch wrong.

However, there is a rule with this sort of caper: If there is something to be hit, you will most likely hit it.

And so it happened for this luckless wheelsman. Impressing his friends with his car control skills, he misjudges a slide and glances a lamppost, sending his car into an uncontrollable spin into a second piece of street furniture.

The result is a sickening smash that momentarily gets the car airborne. To further deflate the ego of the driver, the whole structure then comes tumbling down onto the roof of the totalled car.

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