World's first flying car expected to fetch £600,000


World's first flying car expected to fetch £600,000

The levels of congestion in 1949 weren't a scratch on todays clogged up excuses for roads but American-born inventor Moulton Taylor predicted a time when humans required a car that not only drove on Tarmac but also beat the morning crawl by flying through the air.

Taylor's ingenious Aerocar roadster came complete with foldable wings to keep it at street-legal size and its easy-to-assemble flight system meant that once removed, the car could easily tow its own equipment.

Taylor built his first 'production' Aerocar in 1954 and embarked on various skyward voyages, proving to the world that the flying car was a reality.

But after 25 years of campaigning, his attempt to develop a market fell through and Taylor found deals from large manufacturers, such as Ford, continued to fall by the wayside.

Only a further four Aerocars were ever built, and madcap collectors are now determined to get their hands on the historic masterpiece.

According to Historic Sales – the auction house selling Taylor's masterpiece - the Aerocar could fetch up to £600,000 when it goes up for sale in one of its upcoming online auctions.

Historic Sales spokesman, Greg Herrick told the New York Daily News: "This was the peak of 20th Century design at the time and was close to taking the world's imagination by storm.

"There was really nothing like it around at the time and the design attracted so much attention – it was such an incredibly advance piece of kit."

Herrick added: "There are four surviving Aerocars out of five built. One is owned by the Smithsonian museum group, one is in the EAA museum and two are on the private hands.

"It's a really a rare chance to buy this."