OAP beats parking fine with soppy letter to bosses


OAP beats parking fine with soppy letter to bosses

A retired soldier managed to melt the hearts of parking enforcement chiefs after he sent them a letter stating he, "may be in love".

Ed Stavers, 70, received a fine after he overran his allocated blue badge-parking slot following a successful blind date.

The grandfather then proceeded to write a lengthy email to parking enforcement agency NSL, stating: "There is nothing more foolish than a silly (financially-pushed) old fool," and that he needs every penny he owns for petrol in his, "pursuit of happiness."

Mr Stavers, explained in the email how he parked up at 11am to meet his blind date (whom he was introduced to via a single's website) at a bus station.

He fully intended to return by 2pm but got carried away with his "picture of loveliness" and lost track of time.

The email letter goes into great detail about his feelings for his new lady friend, including how he wore expensive cologne that his grandchildren bought him for Christmas and how he planned to "trip the light fantastic" with his new love at a local dancehall.

Mr Stavers then signed off his letter with: "I am at your mercy, and , if I could get back up again, I would get down on my hands and knees in begging forgiveness."

The humorous and touching email obviously worked its magic because parking firm NSL decided to scrap the ticket, with one spokesperson revealing to The Sun: "We were very touched."

Unfortunately, his blind date wasn't so forgiving as, after being shown the letter, she proceeded to dump Mr Stavers.

The hopeless romantic admitted: "It was a real shame but she wasn't happy."

But he added: "There are plenty more fish in the sea."