Video: Hong Kong street racers


Video: Hong Kong street racers

It's the sort of footage you'd expect to see in the trailer for the latest 'Need for Speed' game, but in reality, this video is part of a series taken from a dash-cam belonging to a Hong Kong street racer.

Showing the illegal exploits of a group of performance car owners, their driving becomes increasingly erratic as they up the pace, dodging traffic and wildly cutting corners on the city's expansive expressways.

Their cars could be straight from a computer game, too, with racers choosing to do battle in some old Gran Turismo favourites, including a Honda Integra and S2000.

While we can't condone such reckless driving on the public road, there's no doubting that the drivers display at least a modicum of talent as they hoon around the deserted highways. We'd advise against recreating what you see and instead just turn on the PlayStation when you're in need of an adrenaline fix.