Land Rover topples into underpass after unfortunate accident


Land Rover topples into underpass after unfortunate accident

A Land Rover Discovery found itself in a rather awkward situation after a collision with a bus forced it to come to rest in a pedestrian underpass.

Built to deal with the worst that nature can throw at it, with four-wheel-drive and a torquey range of engines, this Discovery might just have been defeated by the urban jungle after finding itself balanced precariously over a railing.

The incident occurred on Parkway in Chelmsford, Essex yesterday morning and saw the Discovery strike a bus, career through metal crash barriers and come to rest bonnet-down in the underpass with fluids spilling all over the pavement.

Luckily, there were no pedestrians using the underpass at the time and all involved in the accident walked away with nothing more than minor injuries.

The smash forced a large stretch of the busy road to be closed as a crane was called in to lift the stricken Discovery from the subway.

A witness at the scene told the Daily Mail that the subway is often used by parents and children and that it was lucky the incident occurred after the morning rush of pedestrians.

The female driver of the Land Rover was taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries, while police soon cleared the scene and reopened the road.

No one was arrested following the accident.