New driver quoted £33,000 for first insurance policy


New driver quoted £33,000 for first insurance policy

A newly qualified driver from Harehills, Leeds faced a setback on her road to freedom after being faced with a quote for £30,000 to insure her £400, 800cc Daewoo Matiz.

Kaljeet Bansal, 18, passed her driving test on the first attempt but met a brick wall when the cheapest car insurance quote came in at almost £20,000.

Ms Bansal told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "When I saw the numbers come up on my laptop screen I thought it must be a mistake.

"But I've tried it four times now and it's the same every time.

"My friends haven't started driving lessons yet but I think this will put them off."

The young driver used multiple price comparison websites, including as, but only two insurance companies were willing to insure her.'s quote came in at £19,996.91, whilst Flux Direct's quote was £33,845.22.

Presuming she had entered her details incorrectly, Ms Bansal then enlisted help from her brother Pardeep who picked up the phone to get to the bottom of the astronomical pricing.

"I thought she must have put the details in wrong, like she'd accidentally put that she's got a gold-plated Rolls Royce or something," he said.

"But we've checked so many times. There is no justification for charging that kind of money.

"The Starship Enterprise would be cheaper to insure.

"It might be because of the area, her age or the car. The area used to be rough but now it's not as bad.

"Driving would open more doors for Kaljeet, as she's looking for a job now she's finished school, but that has been taken away."

A spokesperson for Adrian Flux said on behalf of Flux Direct insurance: "Our underwriters will hopefully be able to provide a cheaper quote when they can assess the risk more accurately over the phone."