Alfa Romeo launches Fast & Furious Giulietta


Alfa Romeo launches Fast & Furious Giulietta

Have you been considering an Alfa Romeo Giulietta recently, but been put-off by the total lack of Vin Diesel's signature on the dashboard? Well Alfa Romeo has moved to fill this vital niche with the release of a Fast & Furious 6 themed limited edition.

The Alfa Giulietta 1.4 TB FF6 Limited Edition, released to coincide with the launch of the latest in the Fast & Furious blockbuster franchise, does indeed feature the squiggles from the film's stars on a special numbered plaque, mounted on the dashboard.

But disappointment may be in store for the huge legion of Fast & Furious fans looking to get a slice of the action, as Alfa Romeo has confirmed only six of these special models will be made. Each numbered plaque therefore corresponds to a film in the franchise.

Buyers of the £25,675 special edition will also have the opportunity to attend a once in a lifetime stunt day with a stunt coordinator from the movie industry. Stunts have always featured heavily throughout the Fast & Furious films, and the latest installment certainly doesn't disappoint, introducing the crazy 'flip' car.

However, any buyer hoping to re-enact the breakneck speeds stunt drivers must achieve may be held back by the lack of performance enhancing mods to the FF6 Limited Edition; the car runs the same 170bhp 1.4-litre MultiAir engine available in other Giuliettas.

Damien Dally, head of brand at Alfa Romeo UK said: "This is a very exclusive model taken directly from a blockbuster movie of global appeal. The Alfa Giulietta Fast & Furious 6 limited edition is a hugely exciting addition to our range, one we feel sure will appeal not just to fans of the films, but all those with a discerning eye for beautiful automotive styling."

The Alfa Giulietta 1.4 TB FF6 Limited Edition is to be sold exclusively through the Motor Village Marylebone Alfa Romeo dealership in London.