Video: Nissan GT-R tackles red ski run


Video: Nissan GT-R tackles red ski run

The four-wheel-drive supercar is already hailed as one of the most capable potent motors on the market.

Its plethora of gadgets and computer wizardry manages to keep all 540bhp on the road without hindering its breath-taking performance.

But it seems the Japanese monster's bag of tricks is deeper than first thought as the video below proves.

The short film was shot in Kåbdalis, northern Sweden, where skiers and snowboarders enjoy a red run that can hit up to a 40 degree incline at certain points.

Despite the stomach-churning steepness, Team Ice Ricers (a group of snow driving experts) decided to see if their high-powered GT-R could tackle the slippery surface.

And it does... at great speed.

Watch the video below and witness the high-definition showy hooning in all of its glory