Drivers suffer startling number of missile attacks daily


Drivers suffer startling number of missile attacks daily

A shocking number of motorists suffer missile attacks - such as bricks and bottles thrown at their car whilst driving - according to new police figures.

There were 1021 reported incidents of motorists being attacked by thrown objects in 2012, which equates to a staggering average of more than two a day.

The county with the highest number of incidents last year was Nottinghamshire, with 279 attacks, while Avon and Somerset was the safest with only 6 reported incidents.

The research, undertaken by Autoglass, shows an increase from last year, where a similar number of police forces reported only 395 incidents.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, commented: "It is alarming to discover that the number of motorists attacked with bridge and roadside missiles is on the increase.

"As many motorists don't report incidents, the true extent of the problem is yet to be revealed."

The data, which was revealed after a Freedom of Information Act request, does however show that an encouraging 75% of incidents reported resulted in arrests.

In April, AOL Cars reported that one driver was blinded by shattered glass after a bottle, allegedly thrown by a driver of another car, went through his windscreen.

The driver was hospitalised for six days, with doctors saying he would never regain 100% sight in his afflicted eye.

"What may seem a prank to some yobs is likely to result in tragedy and must be stopped" said Mr Mycock.

"We are calling for all motorists affected by this crime to report it to the police, to enable them to take steps to prevent a more serious incident happening next time."