Russell Brand will head to court over pedestrian injury lawsuit


Russell Brand will head to court over pedestrian injury lawsuit

The stand-up comedian and actor Russell Brand will reportedly head to court to fight a half-a-million dollar lawsuit after a LA security guard claimed the comic ran him over.

The guard says Brand struck him with his Range Rover, causing him hand, arm, hip and neck injuries that left him unable to carry on working his job as a security guard at a Los Angeles shopping plaza.

Brand could be ordered to pay £120,000 to guard Victor Sneed, but if the comedian loses, legal fees could triple the sum to £360,000, over $500,000.

Brand is standing firm and refuses to accept the blame, blasting Sneed for his "own negligence" in papers submitted to the court.

Sneed says the injuries he sustained led to medical expenses that were in excess of £24,000 and he wants an extra £100,000 to cover any future surgery he may need.

Brand denies causing the injuries outside a chemist in January last year and is prepared to go to court next May. He claims Sneed was the "cause of the accident and any injuries he sustained".

Lawyers will spend the next year gathering evidence.

Brand has only held a driving licence for two years after finally passing the test in California. He once admitted that he failed to get his licence in the UK because he tried to learn while high on drink and drugs.