David Beckham mimics Steve McQueen with Porsche 911 purchase


David Beckham mimics Steve McQueen with Porsche 911 purchase

International football star and style icon David Beckham has reportedly splashed out £70,000 on a slate grey 1969 Porsche 911 replica of the car McQueen drove in Le Mans.

The handy midfielder and occasional underpants model has regularly talked about his admiration for McQueen in various interviews, stating: "I've always looked at people such as Steve McQueen for influence.
> "His clothes, his sense of style, the way he looked in pictures, the way he was as a personality."

‚ÄčThe beautifully restored Porsche 911 is an exact replica of the 1969 vehicle Steve McQueen can be seen driving in the opening scenes of 1971 film Le Mans.

The car was restored by Lee Mayor Restorations of Preston who lovingly built the machine up from a "Californian shell".

According to Mayor, the 911 has received a bore increase from 2.2 to 2.0 with high-compression JE pistons that sees horsepower sit at around the 200bhp mark.

David Beckham mimics Steve McQueen with Porsche 911 purchase

New suspension, brakes and engine mounts ensure the car handles like a truly modern machine, while the interior boasts period replica Recaro race seats as well as a replica dash and carpets.

The original 1969 Porsche 911 from Le Mans was actually owned by McQueen and was recently sold for £832, 800 at an auction in Monterey, California.

Lee Mayor was approached to comment on the story but politely denied and when asked if Beckham swore him to secrecy, he responded with, "It's a bit more than that."

This is the second Porsche 911 Beckham has owned in recent times, the previous model was a black 911 Turbo that the star reportedly spent £50,000 customising the interior with his Real Madrid shirt number emblazoned on the headrests and throughout.