Disabled man beaten for touching car


Disabled man beaten for touching car

A 50-year old disabled man has been attacked by four men after touching their car while trying to steady himself.

Jed Cosnet, who suffers from the spinal condition Spondylolysis and has difficulty walking even short distances, was trying to cross a road in Levenshulme, Manchester when he placed his hand on the bonnet of a nearby car.

He was confronted by the four occupants of the car, who proceeded to jam his arm into a side window before driving off.

Cosnet was dragged a distance down the road, before traffic forced the car to stop. He was then beaten with baseball bats until he was unconscious.

The group then ran off. Cosnet was taken to hospital with severe bruising to his face and body.

Talking to the Manchester Evening News, Cosnet felt anger towards passing motorists who drove past his vicious assault: "It was all a blur but I just remember seeing people going past – there was a lot of traffic. I was so scared and I couldn't believe it.

"When they first started shouting at me, using really abusive language, I was a bit surprised that no one was reacting.

"The next thing I knew they had pulled my hand into the car and I was hanging on absolutely petrified.

"I can hardly remember the gap between them stopping and starting to hit me. It all happened so fast.

Cosnet has been rendered housebound after that attack, relying on friends to do shopping and collect his disability benefits.

"It is horrible being in the house like this," he said.

"I can't sleep at night. Partly because of the pain, but whenever I close my eyes it comes back to me. I get so scared. I haven't gone out yet but I'll be scared when I do."

Police are appealing for witnesses to the assault, which occurred at 8.30pm on Tuesday, and are trying to trace the vehicle, which was described by Cosnet as a "modern black car with tinted windows."