F1-inspired Renault Twizy revealed


F1-inspired Renault Twizy revealed

The little, electric Twizy is probably the last thing you'd expect to be given the full Formula 1 treatment but Renault has done just that, pumping the battery-powered runaround up so it can hit 62mph from a standstill in just 6 seconds.

The concept is strictly a one-off for now but Renaultsport engineers have worked wonders on both the chassis and the electric drivetrain to ensure this is a thoroughbred-racing machine.

Designed to illustrate how cutting edge F1 technology can filter down into other Renault products, the Twizy concept has been fitted with a KERS system in place of the rear seat that recovers energy lost in braking and boosts battery power.

Originally, the Twizy's electric motors produced just 17bhp but thanks to the KERS system it now offers an extra 79bhp on tap.

When 'Boost' mode is activated, the Twizy transforms from tame transporter to full-fat racing machine, hitting a top speed of 68mph, some 18mp more than the standard car.

That 6 second 0-62mph time also matches the Renaultsport Megane 265, Renault's current fastest road car.

The Twizy F1 has also been fitted with a muscular bodykit, including enormous front and rear wings, side pods and a rear diffuser with an F1-style flashing rain light.

Engineers at Renault's motorsport department also made several chassis tweaks to ensure the Twizy can handle the extra poke.

Take a look at the gallery below and let us know what you think.

Renault Twizy F1

Renault Twizy F1