Music fan gets party started with boombox bus


Music fan gets party started with boombox bus

The Vengaboys once irritatingly sang about how a "Vengabus was coming" and how "everybody's jumping" but we didn't for one second think this nightmarish vision would become a reality.

But party loving Californian Derek Wunder created just that, a 24ft long mobile boombox that can pump out tunes at over 125 decibels and seat 50 people when fully loaded.

The project dubbed the "Rockbox" was created for the revered Burning Man festival where it entertained partygoers until the early hours of the morning by blaring out dance music and flashing its impressive array of neon lights.

The fun-time flotilla has just been put up for sale on Craigslist - America's equivalent of Gumtree - for the low price of $13,500 (or around £9,000).

For the asking price, wannabe party-starters will receive a 1987 Dodge one-ton van with a 318 V8 engine and around $30,000 worth of extras added, that include: A 10kW on-board generator, exterior LED perimeter lighting for night-time use, a motorised retractable antennae that can extend upwards by 37ft, rotating LED beacon, a steel security door at the rear of the vehicle to keep unwanted people out and a built in DJ area inside the faux "tape deck".

The vehicle took around seven months to complete and original owner Derek said of his creation: "My bus creates a party literally every time you park it and music is playing.

"This Rockbox is a larger than life conglomeration of the great ghetto blasters from the early 1980s."

Derek revealed he is now selling his beloved creation because he is expecting to become a father this year.

See the party bus in full flow below