Metro Bank to launch drive-thru banking services


Metro Bank to launch drive-thru banking services

Drivers will be more used to pulling up at a drive-thru and ordering a Big Mac meal with a large Coke, not drawing out a wad of cash for the weekend.

Regardless, Metro Bank hopes to replicate the convenience of drive-thru fast food outlets with a new local bank that allows customers to carry out all sorts of banking tasks without leaving the driver's seat.

Metro's first drive-thru will be a section of the upcoming Slough branch created alongside the traditional banking premises. It will enable motorists to drive up to the bank and carry out transactions without leaving their vehicles and it is due to open early next month.

Metro Bank's chief executive Craig Donaldson told the Mail Online: "Our job is to make banking easy for everyone and we're confident that with the drive-thru lanes, combined with the great in-store customer focused services that we offer, we will achieve it."

Metro Bank is no stranger to innovation, with all of its 'stores' (not branches) featuring toilets for customers, dog bowls for pets and large, panoramic windows to give them a light and airy feel.

Donaldson believes the concept will work in Slough, allowing customers to withdraw cash and make transfers on their way to work. If the scheme is successful it could be rolled out in other towns and cities across the UK.

Drive-thru banks have been trialled before by the likes of Barclays and HSBC, with the former closing due to lack of use and the latter never really making it off the ground.

Americans are also used to the concept of drive-thru banks but they too have seen a decline in popularity thanks to the rise of online banking and the large queues that tended to form at each drive-thru branch.