Top 5 cars for banned footy stars


Top 5 cars for banned footy stars

Manchester City are having a torrid old time at the moment, not only are they trailing behind their fiercest rivals in the Premier League, many of the clubs' players are losing their driving licences.

Carlos Tevez was the first footy ace to feel the wraith of the law earlier this week, receiving a six-month ban from driving and 250 hours of community service.

Samir Nasri was the next player to hang up his keys after he was clocked speeding three times. Tameside magistrates subsequently fined Nasri £2,100 and gave him a six-month ban.

Man City boss Roberto Mancini may find himself with a poor turnout at the next training session unless he can shoehorn his players into one of these fine chauffeur machines...

1. Mercedes S-Class

Banned stars can waft to training in luxury thanks to the S-Class's superior ride, plus players can keep warm thanks to heated door panels and armrests. A built-in perfume diffuser makes sure these chaps arrive at every game refreshed and smelling like a million dollars.

2. Maybach 62

The ultimate chauffeur-mobile can be specified with pretty much anything as an interior optional extra. Two rear LCD TVs come as standard and the preening prima donnas can also spec this machine up with an exterior speaker that allows the occupants to shout at the outside world without leaving the vehicle.

3. Range Rover

The new luxury 4x4 is arguably more pleasant to be driven in than to actually drive thanks to massaging and reclining rear seats, digital TVs and enough hand-stitched leather to clear out a cow farm. Plus, our banned footballing buddies don't have to completely shirk the footballer image.

4. Volkswagen Caravelle

The commodious van-based Caravelle is something Manchester City might have to consider if any more of its players decide to get behind the wheel after hitting the sauce. The four sumptuous seats face each other and surround a pull down table - ideal for an impromptu poker match (or drinking session).

5. Skoda Superb

Hitting the headlines is all well and good if it is for the right reasons but these Man City stars haven't exactly been covering themselves in glory. An unsuspecting Skoda Superb might be the best way to avoid the glare of the media spotlight. The cheeky Czech machine also features hidden umbrellas in the doors because we know footballers are allergic to water.

Top 5 cars for banned footy stars

Top 5 cars for banned footy stars