Drivers of small black Audis prove poor at parking


Drivers of small black Audis are the worst at parking

New research has found that drivers of small black Audis are the worst when it comes to parking correctly and considerately.

The study by analysed more than 8,000 vehicles parked in city centres and out-of-town retail parks and judged them on quality of parking.

Results revealed that of the cars researched 24% of Audis were parked badly compared to less than 3% of Land Rovers – a surprising result considering the stigma attached to gas-guzzling 4x4s.

Other notable poor parkers were drivers of Mazda vehicles and Mercedes owners, who took a respective second and third place in the polls. The worst parkers drove black, blue and silver vehicles.

Small family saloons, despite their relative compactness, were the most likely to be parked poorly, just nudging vans and superminis off the top spot.

Shoddy parking culprits will likely argue that pitiable parking is down to the size of the modern car and restrictive bays, considering planning guidelines haven't been revised since 1999.

Current car parking guidelines state that a parking space should be 2.4 metres wide but many supermarket spaces have been recorded at just 2.3 metres, leaving little room for error in today's bloated models.

But many modern vehicles now come fitted with parking sensors, rear-view cameras an even the ability to park themselves in some cases, so poor excuses should be handled with caution.

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