Dangerous driving doesn't bother British commuters


Dangerous driving doesn't bother British commuters

A staggering 65% of commuters admit to bad or dangerous driving habits on the daily commute, according to a survey by insurance provider Allianz Your Cover.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, speeding cropped up as the most common admission, with commuting motorists battling traffic to get into the office on time.

More worryingly, careless driving, tailgating and not looking when changing lanes also made the top five most common driver faults made during the rush hour.

Over 20% of those surveyed blamed other motorists for their driving habits, while 52% admitted they were in just too much of a hurry to drive safely, blaming their bad driving on lack of concentration and being tired.

It's not just on the road that the stress of commuting has an affect. 43% of drivers believed their work was being negatively affected by their mood upon reaching the office.

Natalie Woods, of Allianz Your Cover Insurance said: "Our research found that British commuters feel they drive carelessly during their journeys due to rushing and tiredness. This is supported by police road accident statistics which show that 46% of accidents can be attributed to careless driving."

Despite blaming fellow motorists for bad driving habits, one in four respondents hoped that a driver would stop to help if they had broken down. In reality this is unlikely to happen, as only 15% of drivers have actually done so, with the others citing reasons from avoiding being put in a dangerous situation to simply being in too much of a rush to lend a hand.