Mazda recalls 15,000 cars globally due to fire risk


Mazda recalls 15,000 cars globally due to fire risk

It's only been on sale for a couple of months but Mazda's crucial new 6 could catch fire.

The Japanese maker has decided to recall 15,000 Mazda 6s worldwide – 502 of which live in the UK – due to a faulty DC/DC convertor component which could lead to it overheating, or worse, catching fire.
The maker is recalling the car due to an 'incident' occurring in Australia, and the recall affects all diesel-powered Mazda 6s and 165ps Sport petrol models.

A Mazda UK spokesperson told AOL Cars: "We are contacting every owner in the UK to organise replacing the faulty part. It only takes 45 minutes."

A release from Mazda added: "For all customers who are awaiting delivery of their new Mazda6 these cars will have the modification made before delivery which, in the short term, may result in a slight delay. All customers will be contacted by their dealer to update on the expected delivery date."

Mazda says the fault is "very small" and the recall is "a precautionary measure".

It's unfortunate for the Japanese firm. The car, which has only been on sale in the UK for a matter of months, has received universal praise for its style, strong driving abilities and its improvement in build quality.

When AOL Cars road tested the car in January, we said: "This car is crucial to Mazda. The Japanese manufacturer has spent a while in the doldrums lately, and some dealers have been finding trade rather sluggish. If Mazda can get their marketing right, and not keep buyers waiting ages for the specifications they want, the new 6 has the potential to do really well for them".

Mazda UK will be contacting owners in due course, but for anyone who is worried Mazda is asking for owners to contact their customer services department on 0845 600 4234.