Cessna plane remade into junkyard racer


Cessna plane remade into junkyard racer

Amateur racing driver Jeff Bloch is set to cause a stir at his next race meet after creating a 'junkyard' racer from a 1987 Toyota minivan and a 1956 Cessna 310 light aircraft.

Named the 'Spirit of LeMons' in homage to the iconic Spirit of St. Louis aircraft - the first solo flight to fly non-stop from New York to Paris - the unusual competition car is designed to partake in the '24 Hours of LeMons', a race series in which entrants are limited to a $500 budget to build their creation.

The latest in a collection of home made racing cars now totaling 13, the Frankenstein creation took over five months to complete, starting with a run-down Cessna which had already been stripped for usable parts.

"I had animals living inside it," said Bloch, speaking for US network FOX 5.

"We worked on it all winter – in the cold and the dark and the rain and the snow."

Bloch fitted the Toyota's chassis to the Cessna's gutted shell, retaining both the minivan's steering wheel and gearshift. Future plans include fitting headlights, taillights and indicators so that his masterpiece can legally take to the road.

Now complete, Bloch has finished the Cessna body in striking chrome, which - if you squint - gives it the look of the DeltaWing Coupe race car, which was unveiled last week at the 12 Hours of Sebring in Florida.

It won't quite match that car's performance, however - the Spirit of LeMons has a top speed of just 90mph; perhaps enough given its people carrier underpinnings.

Check out the Spirit of LeMons in action on the track: