Bungled boat launch sees car roll to watery grave


Bungled boat launch sees meet watery maker

It may look like an outtake from an episode of Mr Bean but the hapless owner of this Vauxhall isn't laughing.

The incident happened at around 11am in the water just off Priory Road, Gosport on Saturday where an eyewitness reported seeing a man attempting to lower a boat into the water.

The man later climbed into the trailer after the boat was launched only for the car to roll down the slipway and into the murky waters of Portsmouth Harbour.

The News broke the story today with an eyewitness (who wished to remain anonymous) revealing: "It's the sort of thing you see on You've Been Framed".

He added, "Thankfully the man was okay but it was a bit unfortunate.

"He was lowering the boat in on a trailer and when the boat was in, he got on the trailer.

"That's when the whole thing went down all at once and the car went in the water."

There was no comment from the police or local authorities on rescuing the stricken vehicle but we can assume the owner will be, er , splashing out on a new set of wheels soon.

Although the accident scores fairly high on the comedic chart of motoring mishaps, it doesn't compare to the woman who got her hand stuck in a glovebox or the driver who managed to ironically slam their car into the window of Specsavers.