Turbo from Dreamworks es-car-goes into overdrive


Someone at Dreamworks clearly loves racing, as the company's latest film follows a snail called Turbo chasing his dream of running in the famous Indy 500.

The animated film Turbo, named after the unlikely main character, has an all-star cast and could bring a smile to the face of motorsport fans.

From the makers of Madagascar and Shrek, Dreamworks Animation's Turbo is about a snail bored of the slow lane who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world.

"Growing up, it seemed like everyone around me was moving at a snails pace" he quips in the trailer.

After a freak accident gives him the power of incredible speed, he and his friends journey to Indianapolis 500 to race against the real Indy 500 cars.

If it sounds fanciful, wait until you see the snails' shells, decked out with exhausts and spoilers like mini street racers.

But judging from the trailer – which features scenes from street racing, oval racing and snail racing – there will be plenty to keep car enthusiasts amused.

Look out for the V12 engine sounds as Turbo's metamorphosis takes place, and the scene where he tries racing against the clock to set a personal best.

The film has a stellar cast, including Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, backed up by Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Giamatti, Michelle Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph and Snoop Dogg.

The film is set for UK release in October.