Porsche super car buyers offered... another car


Porsche super car buyers offered... another car

Super rich super car buyers who've placed a deposit on the new hybrid £672,000 Porsche 918 will be offered a 911 GT3 to tide them over.

The managing director of Porsche GB Chris Craft revealed that the super-rich car nuts will be shunted up the queue for the new lightweight sports car if they "put their hand up".
> Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, the GT3 is the first in the bloodline to only feature a PDK gearbox – something that has infuriated purists.

But Craft doesn't see that as a problem. In fact he's more concerned about having enough to meet demand.

"History dictates that there is always a big demand for GT3 products and we've never had enough to meet that demand," he told us.

"We've been pushing the 918 for some time with activity for potential buyers. This has included private viewings and some have even had passenger rides. We have got orders for that car, so for those buyers who have placed a deposit we're offering them the chance to move up the queue for a GT3."

There were originally rumours that Porsche would give buyers a car to tide them over – but Craft labelled that as "laughable".

He added: "You don't know Porsche very well do you? A free car? I don't think that's in our vocabulary! This is the opportunity for 918 buyers to spend even more money with us."

Porsche super car buyers offered... another car

Craft is extremely excited about having the halo super car – that does 94mpg and 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds – in his range and has already experienced its performance, albeit from the passenger seat.

"I've been driven in it and when it's on electric mode alone it's very surreal to be travelling so fast, so quietly," he explained. "But it's the way it exits corners that's really special. It literally launches out of them – almost like it's pulling itself out rather than pushing.

"The 918 is one hell of a step forward for the brand and a real statement of what Porsche is about. It shows that even though we're a performance brand, performance can still be delivered in an efficient manner."

Production of customer 918s starts on September 18 – no coincidence that's 9/18 in "American" – and the first deliveries will take place in 2014. However, Craft refused to reveal how many had been sold in the UK so far. Spoil sport...