Mercedes unveils crazy six-wheeled vehicle


Mercedes launches crazy six-wheeled vehicle

This is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6, the worlds first MUV (Monster Utility Vehicle). It could be mistaken for a bit of Photoshop tomfoolery but in fact, it is to be put into limited run production of around 30 examples a year.

Based on the diesel powered G-Wagen 6x6 supplied to the Austrian army since 2011, this civilian version is fitted with AMG's latest V8 petrol motor - a colossal 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged unit, which develops 537bhp and 758nm of torque.

Power is transferred to all six wheels through Mercedes' seven-speed 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox and a total of five locking differentials to split torque 30:40:30 front to rear.

Despite weighing in at 3.8 tonnes, the G63 6x6 will crack the 0-62mph sprint in under six seconds. Top speed has been limited to 100mph to protect the huge 37-inch all-terrain tyres.

As well as offering a useful 46cm of ground clearance and 1m wading ability, the G63 6x6 is fitted with a number of trick off-road features. An on-board air compressor fills four twenty-litre air tanks which can be used to adjust tyre pressures on the move, taking a fraction of the time of a conventional system. An auxiliary fuel tank boosts capacity to 159 litres - a blessing given the car's projected 15mpg consumption.

The rugged, utilitarian styled exterior belies a cabin dripping in opulence. Nearly everything available on Mercedes' flagship S-class saloon can be specced in the G63 and the interior is finished in quilted leather and lashings of chrome to the customer's individual specifications.

The rear cabin has been stretched to allow for the additional axle. Despite this the G63 6x6 seats one less (two in the front, two in the rear) than the standard car, thanks to the complicated array of driveshafts underneath the raised body.

Further surprising limitations include the rear pick-up deck, which is limited to a maximum payload of 650kg. While likely to be fine for private buyers and the type of use the G63 6x6 is likely to see, it is perhaps less than would be expected of a military derived off-roader exhibiting such extreme engineering.

The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 goes on sale this September with an expected price of £350,000.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6