Bus driver fined £60 for using bus lane


Bus driver fined £60 for using bus lane

There are some stories you couldn't make up and news that a coach company was fined £60 by Glasgow City Council for driving a 27-seater bus along a bus lane falls into this category.

The number 329 bus was snapped using a designated lane on the morning of February 5 as it drove along Cathedral Street in Glasgow city centre. A council-installed CCTV camera photographed the licence plate and automatically issued the fine.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, coach operator John Henderson from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, said he and his wife Linda were "speechless" at the fine.

He said: "It is sheer stupidity that a bus can be fined for driving in a bus lane. This was a proper bus.

"It's a small to medium sized bus with 27 seats - but it's still a bus. It's an over-zealous attack by the council."

Cathedral Street is the second biggest moneymaking street in Glasgow thanks to the council cracking down on illegal use of bus lanes.

More than £500,000 in fines has been made after almost 20,000 motorists were caught driving in the bus lane between April 23 - when the council launched its CCTV crackdown on bus lanes - and December 31 last year.

The city's biggest cash generator is Glassford Street's bus lane, which has netted around 28,000 drivers, allowing the council to rake in nearly £700,000 from fines.

But a spokesperson for Glasgow City Council admitted that John Henderson's ticket was a mistake, saying: "Another vehicle was in the lane behind the bus lane and it was included in the picture taken by the bus lane camera."

The penalty has now been cancelled.