Drink-drive and be out of pocket by £50,000


Drink-drive and be out of pocket by £50,000

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond is to unveil a visual reminder of the true cost of drink driving.

A £50,000 pint, housed in a protective glass case and surrounded by security guards, will be unveiled in Leadenhall Market to serve as a reminder to motorists who flirt with the idea of drinking under the influence.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has calculated the personal financial cost of drink driving, pricing it between £20,000 and £50,000.

The estimate reflects the fines, legal costs, rise in insurance premiums and possible job losses faced by those who are convicted.

The IAM calculated that the maximum fine for drink driving is £5,000, legal fees were £4,800 according the industry average charged by solicitors for a not guilty plea at trial and £8,800 is the increase in insurance fees based on the average premium for a young man aged between 20 and 24 calculated over an 11-year period (the amount of time a drink driving conviction remains on a driving licence).

Loss of earnings is then a major factor: £33,000 based on a period of 15-months, the mean driving disqualification after conviction, for someone earning the average full-time salary of £26,500. High-flyers can expect to be even further out of pocket.

The £50,000 pint will be put on display to launch the latest THINK! campaign to discourage drivers from drinking and then hopping behind the wheel.

The activity is designed to show people that a serious accident isn't the only consequence of drink driving, it can seriously drain finances and ruin any future career plans too.

The campaign will see the "consequences" Drink Drive adverts being aired on TV over the Spring.

The THINK! advert features a barman morphing into a range of characters, including a policeman, a magistrate, an employer and a car dealer, to show the potential consequences of drink driving.