Daredevil stunt riders set new Guinness World Record


Daredevil stunt riders set new Guinness World Record

Daredevil motorcyclists rode their way into the record books last night after a team of 18 dirt bike riders simultaneously back-flipped through the air during an action-packed stunt show at London's O2 Arena.

The Nitro Circus team performed the nail-biting stunts with just inches between them, jumping a whopping 75ft (23 metres) gap and leaping 40ft (12m) in the air - the equivalent of three London buses.

Officials from Guinness World Records confirmed 16 of the bikers were airborne simultaneously as they performed the back-flips, which meant a new record had been set.

The team of extreme sports stars included two British riders who both admitted to feeling nervous before their attempt.

Chris Birch, 28, from Cambridge, said: "I'm totally stoked and happy for everyone involved. We know it's a dangerous sport but we do it because love it and we have so much fun riding our bikes. As long as that continues I'll continue to do stuff like this.

"I got a little buzz tonight. You do get nervous, it's natural. You try not to think negatively because if do you that then chances are something will go wrong.

"Thoughts like that do wander into your head, you've just got to try and ignore them and think positively."

Chris Brock, 28, from Newton Abbot in Devon, said: "I think a little bit of anxiety is normal with everyone but it's nothing you can't handle.

"That's why we do it - to get the buzz."

Watch the back-flipping madness below