Mercedes CLA 45 AMG unveiled in videogame screenshot


Mercedes CLA45 AMG unveiled in videogame screenshot

Mercedes has released an image of its upcoming CLA 45 AMG in a virtual racing game screenshot ahead of the car's official reveal at the New York motor show next month.

The image was unveiled during Sony's announcement of their next-generation games console, where they also divulged details of a brand new racing game franchise, in which the CLA45 AMG have a starring role.

The AMG version of the swoopy-bodied A-class saloon was not due to be released into the wild until the New York show in March, but the screenshot from the game clearly shows the aggressive effect the AMG bodykit will have on the baby Merc.

The CLA45 AMG will have the same 355bhp engine and four-wheel-drive system as the hatchback version, thanks to a highly tuned turbocharged 2-litre engine.

Driveclub the game will features impressive graphics, with every car modelled with "near insane detail" according the game's creators.

For example, light that hits the cars is reflected from each individual strand of carbon-fibre, and the suede on the seats looks different depending on whether it has been sat in.

Cars included in the gameplay preview screened at the Sony announcement included the Pagani Huayra and the Koenigsegg Agera R.

Sony says: "Driveclub is the perfect fit for the lifestyle of the next generation of PlayStation gamers: an exhilarating, visceral and highly socially connected racing experience that showcases the immense capabilities of PlayStation 4."