Winston Churchill's last car up for auction


Winston Churchill's last car up for auction

A piece of British history will be available at auction next month, Winston Churchill's 1964 Morris Oxford.

It is the last privately owned car by Churchill before he died in 1965 and was registered in his name on 12th May 1964. Its next owner will be decided at the Morris Leslie Vehicle Auctions in Perthshire when museums and collectors battle it out for the privilege on March 9.

Since his death there have only been a handful of owners, all documented in the logbook, which is signed by Churchill himself.

The Oxford has not been given a pre-sale estimate by the auction house, however, a Land Rover owned by the former prime minister sold for £129,000 at an auction in England last year, more than twice the original estimate.

"The Morris Oxford saloon is the last car Churchill bought before he died in 1965," said Gregor Leslie, managing director of the vehicle auctions.

"The clientele who would be interested in the car are Churchill collectors and museums who are interested in preserving a bit of iconic motoring history."

The car, which is in full working order, has only 7,066 miles on the clock and has been put up for sale from a west coast vehicle collection.

Visit the Morris Leslie Vehicle Auctions for more information