Fake police officer prowls Somerset for "speeders"


Fake police officer prowls Somerset for

A fake police officer has been prowling roads in the Crewkerne, Chard and Ilminster areas of Somerset in a bid to pull drivers over for "speeding".

The police have now launched an investigation to try and identify the rogue law enforcer. There have been two reported incidents but the police believe more have happened without people realising he is an imposter.

The unnamed man drives a dark blue or purple BMW 5 Series Estate complete with convincing blue flashing lights.

He is described as being a white male with dark hair, around six feet tall and in his thirties. At the time of the unlawful stops he was wearing a white shirt with black trousers and tie. However he was not reported to have a radio or be wearing the traditional white traffic police flat cap.

Sergeant Rich Barnett, safer neighbourhood police sergeant for Crewkerne, Chard and Ilminster, said: "There have been a couple of confirmed incidents, including one where a lone woman was stopped, but there does not appear to be anything sinister about this.

"The guy just talked to her about how fast she was going. It's possible that it could be someone with a grudge about speeding in the local area.

"Nevertheless, impersonating an officer is a crime and we are actively investigating."

Sergeant Rich Barnett continued: "We are advising people to be wary, but at the same time you shouldn't fail to stop and possibly end up causing a police chase.

"Always try to pull over in a public place and ask for identification. Don't be afraid to call 101 or 999 if you suspect the person might not be an officer.

"If you are not in a public place, keep the door locked and wind the window down a little bit to talk to them."

The local police have spoken of their irritation at the matter: "It is rather frustrating for us because this sort of thing affects trust and undermines the confidence between the public and the police."