Top Gear helicopter crash caught on camera


Top Gear helicopter crash caught on camera

A Top Gear race between a Corvette ZR1 supercar and an AH1 Cobra helicopter ended in tragedy when the pilot lost control of the aircraft and plummeted to the desert below.

The BBC has released the footage that was being filmed for an episode of Korean Top Gear that shows the harrowing incident in full.

The clip below shows the high-octane drag race that appears to run smoothly but as the helicopter banks away, the pilot loses control and comes crashing down to earth.

The presenter appears shocked as he clambers out of the car and rushes to help.

According to, despite the crash happening close to the film crew, no one was seriously injured.

A similar stunt was safely completed in the original version of the programme by Jeremy Clarkson in 2008.

Watch the Korean Top Gear crash below

Watch Top Gear UK's Apache helicopter stunt below