Mansfield Town manager gifted Aston Martin for 8-1 win


Mansfield Town manager gifted Aston Martin for historic 8-1 win

It's usually the car parks of Premier League clubs that are littered with expensive British supercars, but Blue Square Premier team Mansfield town now boasts an Aston Martin courtesy of manager Paul Cox.

Mansfield Town chairman John Radford handed over the keys to his personal supercar to manager Paul Cox following the 8-1 win over Barrow on Saturday.

According to the BBC, the Blue Square Premier team won 7-0 when they played Barrow last March and Radford said he wanted to do even better when the two teams met again.

"It's worth a bob or two," Mr Radford said.

"It's my old Aston Martin so it's not brand new. It's a couple of years old," he added.

"You have these things and you've got to give people targets and things like that, so he fancied the car and I thought I'm about ready for a change and he did the job."

The car, worth up to £80,000, was waiting in the car park of the Nottinghamshire club after the game, already fitted with personalised MT51 COX registration plates.

Cox told BBC Radio 5 live it was "a bit surreal to be honest".

He said: "I didn't really take him at face value when we was talking but to be fair to the man he's a top guy and when he did it, it was unbelievable.

"I love cars. I think every man does, don't they, but it's the football that motivates me."