Cyclists biggest cause of road rage


Cyclists most likely cause of road rage

New research carried out by specialist cyclist insurers Protect Your Bubble has found that cyclists who defy the Highway Code are the biggest cause of road rage in Britain.

The study reveals that more than half (53%) are irked most by cyclists flouting road rules - from jumping red lights to not indicating when changing lanes. Cyclists are way ahead of the next most irritating motoring group, erratic elderly drivers, voted for by almost four in ten motorists (38%) as a major bugbear.

The survey also reveals that young drivers still fare badly when it comes to opinion polls, with 39% of motorists left incensed by juvenile motorists, while 35% see red when taxi drivers block roads and hold up traffic.

Perhaps remembering their own experiences as learner drivers, UK motorists have the most patience for those bearing L-plates, with only 6% saying they get wound up by learner drivers. This is closely followed by caravan drivers (9%) and horses riding two abreast (15%).

Stephen Ebbett, director of Protect Your Bubble, said: "Cyclists' cavalier attitudes to road rules might leave British motorists seething, but they'll come off far more badly in a collision. We'd always advise that motorists exercise a little patience, in particular when encountering elderly motorists and cyclists, however temporarily irritating they might be.