Mark Webber: Lance Armstrong deserves to be in a lonely place


Mark Webber: Lance Armstrong deserves to be in a lonely place

Formula One ace Mark Webber has exclusively revealed to AOL Cars that he no longer keeps in contact with his friend and former cycling partner Lance Armstrong following the recent doping scandal.

When quizzed on the topic, Webber revealed: "I was very close friends with Lance but I distanced myself from him a few years ago.

He's in a lonely place now and he should be in a lonely place because he treated us all very badly."

AOL Cars caught up with the F1 driver this weekend as he readied himself for the 2013 season at the Porsche Human Performance centre at Silverstone.

Although Webber is best known for piloting a Red Bull racecar for ten and a half months of the year, when he is not on track, he can be found competing in triathlons and running adventure races.

The Australian driver is also an experienced cyclist who joined Lance Armstrong's entourage while the now-disgraced rider competed with the US Postal Service team in the Tour de France.

Webber and Armstrong became friends and regularly cycled together but when asked about the doping scandal, the Red Bull driver was quick to make his feelings known: "I'm very happy that it has been brought to a head, I'm happy that Lance has finally been nailed for serial lying for so long".

"I saw nothing when I was with him, there was a lot of security around but at the time you just wanted to think good things not negative things," he continued.

Webber also revealed how he was duped by Armstrong's diet: "I remember how much olive oil they would put on their pasta and we now know that the olive oil was laced heavily with testosterone.

"When I would get back to England, I would have lots of pasta with loads of olive oil but it didn't quite have the same effect," quipped the Australian.