550bhp Aston Martin Rapide S unveiled


550bhp Aston Martin Rapide S unveiled

Aston Martin's luxury four-door cruiser gets a massive 80bhp power hike as British brand refreshes the model for 2013.

The naturally aspirated 5.9-litre V12 engine has been given the onceover and it now produces a hair-raising 550bhp while peak torque is now 820 NM. The engine tweaks are also said to have improved low to mid-range torque, making acceleration and overtaking even punchier.
> The Rapide S can be distinguished by a new front grille, that's so gapingly open, it takes on the appearance of a basking shark sucking up plankton for its supper. A subtle rear lip spoiler is also a new addition but potential owners will have to specify the Carbon Exterior Pack if they want to add real drama- it means the front splitter, rear diffuser, exterior mirror housings and rear lamp infills are made from carbonfibre.

550bhp Aston Martin Rapide S unveiled

The exterior changes might not be much to shout about (unless you really like that new front grille) but the engine tweaks mean the Rapide S can do the 0-62mph dash in just 4.9 seconds and go on to tickle the 190mph mark.

Underneath, the Rapide S includes updated adaptive dampers with three distinct modes (Normal, Sport and Track), revisions to its DSC system and adjustments to meet the latest safety regulations. The engine is also mounted 19mm lower than before, which is said to improve handling.

Exact pricing is yet to be revealed but expect to part with an eye-watering £150,000 when it goes on sale next month.

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