Searches for used 4x4s rocket as snow falls


Searches for used 4x4s rocket as snow falls

The recent spate of Arctic weather in this country has caused chaos on many of the UK's roads and, according to, plenty of motorists have considered swapping their slippery front-wheel-drive super mini for a rugged off-road vehicle.

Research carried out by has found that overall searches for used 4x4 vehicles have gone up 24% on the website over the past week.

The top-searched 4x4 is the brilliantly capable Range Rover that has seen search traffic increase by a whopping 282%. Coming in at a close second were searches for the stylish Volvo XC90 that saw its traffic increase by 190%.

The more affordable Honda CR-V also saw an increase in searches of around 90%, presumably from motorists wanting an affordable and practical SUV that can still tackle slippery roads.

But 4x4 buyers are urged to be aware of the fact modern technology doesn't make up for experience and awareness when it comes to driving in treacherous conditions.

AA DriveTech recently revealed that the popularity of 4x4 vehicles has led to many drivers becoming "overconfident" in bad weather.

AA DriveTech Fleet Director Simon Stammers commented, "There is no question that the latest 4x4s have exceptional grip and traction in even the most challenging off-road conditions but this ability will always compromise on-road performance to some degree."