Holy Roller! Flooding in Jakarta leaves unlucky Rolls Royce owner stranded


Holly Roller! Flooding in Jakarta leaves unlucky Rolls Royce owner stranded

Earlier this month, lottery winner Robert Johnson fell foul of Lady Luck when his Bentley Continental GT was photographed up to its doorsills in floodwater after a particularly bad downpour in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

But Johnson can take some solace in the fact he's not the only well-heeled gentleman with watery problems as recent monsoon rains in Jakarta saw this Rolls Royce Ghost owner desperately bailing dirty water from the luxury car in an attempt to save his or her cherished vehicle.

The Indonesian army were forced to deploy rubber boats to the country's business district in an attempt to rescue people trapped in floods. Authorities have evacuated around 20,000 people but that didn't seem to deter this high-flyer from getting to his or her pressing meeting.

Instead, it appeared they decided to drive straight through the middle of a water-soaked main road.

A Rolls Royce Ghost costs around £170,000 in standard spec but many owners lavish expensive options on their purchase, sending the price tag soaring towards the £200,000 mark.

Perhaps the Roller's owner will take a leaf out of lotto winner Robert Johnson's book and shrug it all off as "just another flooded luxury car". Alternatively, the hapless owners would be wiser spending their money on a Sunseeker yacht, which is much better suited to tackling the wet stuff.