Prove your driving prowess with new app from the AA


Prove your driving prowess with new app from the AA

AA Insurance has released an app that could signal the end to the age-old dispute about whether men or women are the better drivers.

AA Drivescore uses GPS technology already in the iPhone and iPad (Android version to follow soon) to determine whether the driver's speed, braking and anticipation are safe and suitable for the roads being driven on. The app then scores the driver out of 100 as the journey progresses– after 200 miles they are presented with an overall analysis of their safe driving abilities.

The app is based on the AA's Drivesafe telematic system that sees a small "black box" fitted to the car of new or "just-passed" drivers. The system aims to reduce insurance premiums by giving feedback to the insurance company on not only the driver's ability to pilot the car safely and sensibly but also the type of roads travelled on and the time of day (factors that can easily increase or decrease the cost of an insurance policy).

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, points out, "Car insurance premiums for young drivers are higher than ever – especially for young women who have seen a sudden hike in premiums thanks to the European Court of Justice Gender ruling, which came into effect on 21 December.

"AA Drivescore will establish a user's driving style after just 200 miles, providing them with hard data that would indicate the discounts they could expect if they go on to buy an AA Drivesafe telematic policy."

The app is free to download from iTunes now