Video: Dangerous drifting in a BMW M5


Video: Georgian drifter impresses; a

Drifting – the process of sliding your car around things, in short – is almost an art form in its self, some might say. Usually confined to stadiums and race circuits, it's easy to appreciate just how beautiful drifting can be.

But what happens when people decide to take it outside of those confined space: Deciding instead to give their rear-wheel-drive cars some beans on the open (or not so open) road? That's exactly the subject of one video, posted to YouTube by Georgian website

Drifting a BMW M5 around some empty and some not-so-empty roads at high speed, it's hard not to admire the skill of the driver, who clearly has some talent behind him – even if he's perhaps not putting it to the most appropriate usage.

Some bits look a bit more like scenes from the film Ronin than that of an amateur YouTube video – with a lot of the video seeming to consist of simply racing past slower cars and through terrifyingly small gaps in traffic.

We hate to be wet blankets, but it all looks a little on the dangerous side to us. Still, we've included the video below, so make up your minds for yourselves, and let us know what you think in the comments below.