Revealed: The £2.7 million/year box junction - and we get stuck in it


Revealed: The £2.7 million/year box junction - and we get stuck in it

As anyone driving through the capital will know, yellow box junctions – areas of the road marked off with do-not-enter-me yellow lines – are a deadly sight.

Yes we're not supposed to stop in them, and yes we should be prepared to receive a fine if we stray into one for more than a few seconds, but what if councils are playing it cheeky: Constructing situations where motorists have no choice but to be fined?

That's the view of the Daily Mail with regards to one particular camera-covered junction, which they – and some motorists – claim has been set up as a "cash cow" for the local council.

The yellow box, which is located on the corner of Bagley Lane and New King's Road in Fulham, is surrounded by a selection of traffic lights that the Mail claims are timed incorrectly.

The "trap", as the paper calls it, involves one set of lights – the closest to the drivers heading north-east along New King's Road – turning green, while the second set – located a few car lengths after the box junction – turn red.

As drivers unwittingly pass through the first set, the second turn red: Thereby creating a queue of traffic and forcing some drivers to sit illegally in the yellow box.

So effective is the "trap" that the box reportedly generates over £2.7 million per year in revenue – or around £7,300 per day – for Hammersmith and Fulham council.

In fact, it's this very junction that caught AOL Cars editor James Baggott back in October. Unlike the drivers reported in the Mail, though, Baggott wasn't quite so quick to point the finger.

"The fact of the matter was – just like when you stray over the speed limit and get caught by a camera – I was in the wrong," he said in an opinion piece back in October.

"I'm glad – even though it was done (almost) completely innocently – that I got slapped with that fine, because for every person that does it by mistake there'll be five more drivers who have done it on purpose. And it's those very few that deserve a £65 slap on the wrist."