What you might have missed on AOL Cars: December 31 - January 4



In case you missed any of the news and features we've covered this week, here's our picks of the past five days.


Monday, December 31
Citroen has ended production of its quirky C6 for good. Read more

What are the 10 cars that hold their value best? Find out here


Tuesday, January 1
Fiat has mated a Jeep with the new Panda 4x4. Watch the video to see what has resulted

We give you our top 13 cars for the year ahead. See what we rate highly

Auto Trader

Wednesday, January 2
A 2012 Ferrari 458 with just 2,000 miles on the clock appears on Auto Trader for £89k. See why it's so cheap

Bentley's new Continental GTC Speed has become the world's fastest four-seater convertible. Read more

More towns and councils are considering introducing 20mph zones. Read more


Thursday, January 3
More than 9,000 "unnecessary" road signs are being removed right across the UK. Find out why

Citroen creates red hot special editions of its stylish DS3 supermini. See it here

Subaru has canned its value-for-money "Everything Taken Care of" (ETCo) maintenance package, citing a lack of demand. Read more


Friday, January 4
A lottery winner has, quite literally, made a big splash in his Bentley Continental GT. See the pics

Mercedes-Benz has given its E-Class Coupe and Convertible models a refresh. Read more

One in seven drivers admits to putting on make-up and shaving while behind the wheel. Find out what else they admitted to