2012's most loved car advert is...



Honda should be feeling proud, as their "Spark" TV ad has been revealed to be the most popular UK car advert on YouTube in 2012.

The top 10 list released by the website reveals viewers' favourite automotive ads – in order of the number of views in the UK, a figure that isn't displayed to the public.

Colin Burcher, head of automotive industry at Google, said: "2012 has been another great year for online video advertising in the automotive sector. A wide variety of automotive brands are engaging with audiences via online video and recognising the important role that YouTube plays delivering both mass reach and targeting in-market car buyers.

"Automotive advertisements do really well on YouTube as they tap into both the general public as well as groups of enthusiasts. Brands are increasingly taking advantage of these fan bases and the social nature of online video by creating ads that are likely to be shared, liked and commented on."

Here are the top 10 YouTube users' favourite car adverts.

1. Spark, Honda Civic
Honda's "Spark" advert for the Civic was the most popular with nearly four million views worldwide clocked up – an impressive feat.

2. Let Your Body Drive, Peugeot 208
Next was Peugeot's 'Let Your Body Drive' four-minute long music video featuring the new 208 supermini.

3. Man and Machine, BMW
The third most popular video on YouTube in 2012 was BMW's "Man and Machine" 60 second trailer featuring paralympian David Weir.

4. The One, Auto Trader
Auto Trader's emotive "The One" campaign came fourth.

5. Park the Cliches, Kia Sportage
Kia came home in fifth place with their "Park the Cliches" campaigns for the Sportage SUV...

6. Park the Cliches, Kia Optima
...and the Korean car firm held sixth place with the Optima version of the same campaign.

7. F-Type Teaser, Jaguar
A one minute 35 second teaser film for the new Jaguar F-Type got a lot of people talking

8. Cee'd – Live More Life, Kia Cee'd
Finishing in eighth place was a rather cliched TV ad for the new Kia Cee'd – in direct contrast to the two other Kia adverts in this top 10!

9. Built to Thrill, Nissan Juke
Ninth place was taken by the Nissan Juke "Built to Thrill" campaign, where a team of men build the car as it falls from the sky, over a ramp and into the sea.

10. Catching a golf ball in an SLS, Mercedes-Benz
Finally was a video for Mercedes-Benz's SLS – where F1 driver David Coulthard catches a 186mph golf ball in the drop-top.

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