Lexus clocks up 500,000 sales of hybrid models



Sales of Lexus models fitted with the firm's Hybrid Drive system have just ticked past the half a million mark.

Since the first RX 400h took to the road in 2005, through to the end of November this year, the Japanese premium marque has sold more than 506,000 vehicles worldwide equipped with its hybrid system.

In the year Lexus Hybrid Drive made its debut - 2005 - 26,000 vehicles were sold, while by November 30, 2012, the annual total was at 113,000. Today hybrids account for about 25 per cent of all Lexus sales.

Europe is a strong market for Lexus hybrids, with 126,000 sold so far – about a quarter of the worldwide total. In western Europe hybrids command a larger share, accounting for more than 85 per cent of the Lexus models sold.

In the UK more than 32,700 Lexus hybrid models have been sold, with the RX being the best-seller.

In fact, thanks to it being the first, the RX is the best-selling Lexus hybrid of all-time. Around 259,000 units have been sold through to November this year, while grabbing second spot is the CT which has sold 122,000 units since its introduction in late 2011.

The GS accounts for 32,000 units globally so far while Lexus has shifted 29,000 units of its luxury limo LS.

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