This vehicle is reversing: Lorry driver gets stuck down country lane


We've all been guilty of following our sat navs on often slightly daft routes but, for most, the worst outcome is having to do perform a three-point turn down a quiet cul-de-sac.

When you're piloting an HGV though, things aren't quite so simple - something a Polish lorry driver discovered to his cost this week.

Driving down a lane just a few inches wider than his truck, it would be embarrassing enough to have to reverse back down it and admit defeat. Sadly, he quickly realised that wasn't an option.

According to the Daily Mail, the lorry became wedged after the trailer slid into a hedge on icy roads - making it impossible to reverse out.

On top of that, the Polish driver reckons his clutch failed - making a difficult situation practically impossible.

Called to the scene at 3am on Wednesday - a few hours after the driver got stuck - police struggled to free the lorry, despite using a dedicated rescue truck.

By 10am another recovery vehicle had been called, but the truck was reportedly still jammed in the Devon lane.

Thankfully the truck was empty, but that wasn't making recovery any easier. In fact, police eventually had to begin diverting traffic through other routes, as the blue MAN lorry's precarious location managed to block two different roads.

'We would ask motorists to avoid the area,' a Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman told the Mail, 'because some members of the public are still trying to get though and they won't get far.'

It's not understood where the driver was heading for - or for what purpose - but we're willing to bet he's no longer on speaking terms with his navigation system...